digital billboards header white

Digital Billboards are electronic displays that bring outdoor advertising to a new level. High-resolution displays showcase your ad like never before. Digital billboards have the ability to change ads in real time and can show dynamic content via an RSS feed. Ads can be rotated according to the time, temperature, or the day of the week. Digital Billboards are also a cost-effective way to run multiple ads across a market.

digital billboard benefits

  • Located on Highways and major arterials, primarily at intersections that provide maximum view times for rotating ads.
  • The ability to change your ad as often as you want with no additional production costs.
  • Digital Billboards are perfect for businesses that offer one-day sales and specials or need the option of rotating multiple messages without advertising on multiple static billboards.

image quality

Our digital billboards have high-resolution screens that produce crystal clear images that are vibrant and unavoidable. We only use the highest quality displays that command attention.


  • 14’ x 48’
  • 12’ x 40’
  • 12’ x 30’
  • 8’ x 16’